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CMNBAHST - Initial History Record

Utility program CMNBAHST adds an initial component history record for a component in a baseline library that has never been checked out to a package and processed through a change package life cycle. This program also removes history for specified components.

Use this utility is when you first bring a library of components under ChangeMan ZMF control by adding the library as a baseline library in application administration. With CMNBAHST, you can set component information like language, compile procedure, compile parameters, binder options, and user options for members in the new baseline without checking out and staging the components.

You cannot add component history for a component that already has component history.

Program CMNBAHST connects to the ChangeMan ZMF instance specified in the SUBSYS execution parameter, and it updates the component master coded in the started procedure. When you run CMNBAHST, the ChangeMan ZMF instance must be running.


  • Execution parameters in the program PARM statement

  • Keyword parameters in the SYSIN DD statement

  • Baseline libraries specified in application administration

  • Component master specified in the started procedure JCL


Updated component master

Sample JCL

Sample JCL is delivered in member CMNBAHST in the delivered CMNZMF CNTL library.

DD Statements

This table describes DD statements for program CMNBAHST.

DDNAME I/O Purpose
SER#PARM Input PDS(E) library containing information used to connect to the ChangeMan ZMF server through TCP/IP. This library must contain a member named #SERx, where x is the one-character subsystem ID of the ChangeMan ZMF instance.
SYSIN Input File containing 80-byte keyword parameter records.


PARM Options

The PARM parameter is required in the EXEC statement for CMMBAHST. This table describes CMMBAHST options that are input through the PARM parameter.

Parameter Use Description
SUBSYS= Required Specifies the one-character subsystem ID of the ChangeMan ZMF instance.
USER= Required Userid of the person or entity that executes CMNBAHST. A userid is required for CMNBAHST to connect to ChangeMan ZMF server programs. This userid is not used to determine security authorization.


SYSIN Parameters

Keyword parameters for program CMNBAHST that are input to SYSIN are described in comments in job CMNBAHST delivered in the CMNZMF CNTL library.

Additional notes:

  • Records with * in the first position are considered comments.

  • Blank records are skipped.

  • Library types, languages, and compile procedures specified in keyword parameters are validated against definitions in global administration. If the validation fails, processing for the component is skipped.

Return Codes and Error Messages

Return codes for program CMNBAHST are described in comments in job CMNBAHST delivered in the CMNZMF CNTL library.

Program messages are written to SYSPRINT for step HISTORY.


Program results are written to SYSPRINT for step HISTORY.