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Program CMNDB2SL runs at promote, demote, install, and backout to recycle stored procedures and user defined functions that have been changed. This program searches the Db2 catalog for procedures and functions defined on an external (load module) name. It uses the VARY WLM...REFRESH command to recycle these objects in the WLM-managed address space.

This table shows the skeletons that include program CMNDB2SL and where those skeletons are used.

Skeleton ...embedded in skeletons Skeleton Description
CMN$$PST CMN$$PRM Perform promotion or demotion to local sites.
CMNIMPRM IMS Option: Perform promotion or demotion to local sites.
CMNRPMCR Perform promotion or demotion to remote sites.
CMN$$STP CMN20/CMN20I Used to perform Db2 binds and/or ddl processing for installation of packages into production libraries and Db2 catalogs.
CMN50/CMN50I Used to perform Db2 binds and/or DDL processing for backout of packages from production libraries and Db2 catalogs.

Keyword Options

This table describes the keyword options that control the behavior or program CMNDB2SL.

Keyword Description
TEST= Program trace facility. Valid values: YES/NO Default: NO
DB2ID= Db2 subsystem ID to which Db2 commands should be presented. The DB2ID keyword control statement must precede one or more MBR keyword control statements.
WLMENVMASK= WLM application environment mask.
MBR= External (load module) name of stored procedure or user defined function to be recycled.

A new DB2ID control statement makes program CMNDB2SL disconnect from the current subsystem and connect to the new one. The number of MBR control statements that follow a DB2ID control statement is not limited.

Return Codes and Messages

Return Code Description
00 Success
04 Warnings Issued
08 Command errors
12 Parameter errors
16 Other unrecoverable errors