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Migrating ZMF Db2 Options

These instructions include the installation or migration tasks required to achieve the target configuration. They are organized according to the type of license you hold.


These tasks only relate to the various Db2 related ZMF configurations and are to be executed in addition to anything required by the base product ZMF install and migration.

The ZMF Db2 option can now be configured so that only "core" features are available, i.e. package bind automation (see the Db2 getting started guide for further information). This allows customers to avoid having to create and maintain the extra ZMF admin tables required to support the "full function" Db2 option.

The new option to allow Db2 to host the baseline Impact Analysis database will be required by customers whose I/A data volumes exceed the physical limit of the dataspace. A specialist RDBMS is better placed to manage such large volumes of data. If you think you are in such a position (as regards data volumes), first be sure to discard all irrelevant relationship data by the judicious use of CMNEX022. (Ask support for help with this if necessary).


As with any collection of Db2 data, it is important to help Db2 choose the optimal path for access to the data. To this end, it is important to use the RUNSTATS utility, with the INDEX clause, to update catalog statistics followed by a re-binding of the affected packages on a regular basis, but especially following on from an initial load of data to the relevant tables.