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Accessing Stage Component Functions

You access stage functions from the Stage Options menu (CMNSTG00).

CMNSTG00            Stage Options
Option ===>___________________________________________

Package . . . . ACTP000003

1   Dev         Stage components from development libraries
2   Package     Process package components
3   Parms       Specify component list selection criteria

Use one of these methods to display the Stage Options menu:

  • Using the Menu Hierarchy:

    a. On the Primary Option Menu, select 1 Build.

    b. On the Build Option panel, select 6 Stage.

  • Using Direct Panel Access:

On a ChangeMan ZMF panel, type =1.6 in the Command or Option line and press


Using the Change Package List to Access Stage Functions

You can also access the stage options listed on the Checkout Options menu directly from the Package List Parameters panel (CMNLIST0).

On the Change Package List panel, type one of the following on the line command for a change package and press Enter.

  • S1 Stage components (Dev Lib list)

  • S2 Stage components (Package list)

  • S3 Specify package driven selection parameters

Choosing a Stage Option

There are two types of stage processes:

  • Stage a component that is already in your change package.

  • Stage a component into your package from a file.

    Use the Stage Options (CMNSTG00) menu to choose which stage process you want to execute. This panel also offers a filter function if you want to stage particular components in your change package.

  • Select option 2 Package to stage components already in your change package. See Staging from Package.

  • Select option 3 Parms to filter components in your change package before you process them as if you had chosen option 2 Package. See Filtering with Component List Parameters

  • Select option 1 Dev to stage components from a file into your package, and to perform mass stage. See Staging from Development