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Recovery File Housekeeping

This section describes housekeeping jobs that maintain the forward recovery file for the package and component master files.

Back Up And Clear the Recovery File

Copy VSAM recovery file to QSAM, then create and initialize an empty recovery file.

Note the commented out section at the start that provdes sample code to notify users by email or TSOID, only relevant if you are running z/OS 2.3 or later, and JES2.

Sample JCL Member CLEARRCV
Utilities IDCAMS
Suggested Frequency Schedule at the same time as the package master unload.
SERNET Status The SERNET instance where the VSAM file is used must be down.
Process Steps ● Allocate a backup QSAM and REPRO current recovery file into it, then delete current file and define, using IDCAMS.
● Initialize the new recovery file using CMNVINIT.
Comments Do not clear the CMNRECV file unless you have also unloaded the package master, component master, and long name component master VSAM files.
You use a recovery file and the RESTORE function of utility CMNBKRST to recreate Package and component master files from previous backups.