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REST Services

Standard ZMF Web Services provides comprehensive coverage of ZMF Services. The learning curve is steep, as the client must implement session management to wrap requested transactions with logon and logoff requests. This is the proper tool to use for full-function clients. ZMF REST Services (ZRS) provide REST API’s for ZMF Services. ZRS is a wrapper on ZMF XML Services and works in a manner similar to the XML Prototype tool in TSO. Like the prototype tool, each call includes authentication to wrap the call with logon and logoff requests. This is standard processing for REST, as by definition, each transaction is stateless.

ZRS Requests follow this standard URL Pattern: http://host:port/context/Request

  • context - is the servlet context where ZRS is deployed (typically zmfrest)

  • Request is the service name to call. This is an alias to the SERVICE/SCOPE/ MESSAGE implemented in ZMF. For example, APPLPARMS represents PARMS/APP/ LIST

ZRS accepts input parameters from a QUERY String or JSON body.

Parameters use standard variable names.

Output may be in XML or JSON format. The ’accept’ header supplied by the client dictates the output format. Some services will override this as appropriate.