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Promoting/Demoting a Package

  1. From the Primary Option Menu, choose 3 (Promote) and press [Enter].

  2. On the Promote/Demote A Change Package panel:

    1. Type the package ID.

    2. Type “P” (Promote) or “D” (Demote) in the Option field.

    3. Press [Enter].

  3. On the Promote or Demote Site List panel, select a site, and press [Enter].

  4. On the Promote or Demote Options panel:

    1. Type an action in the Option field.

    2. Type a next promotion level or type a demote from level, if the field is available for input.

    3. For promote only, type a date and time to schedule the promote for later, or leave blank for immediate execution.

    4. For promote only, select ‘Short selection list’ for selective promotion to only display the components not currently promoted to the next target level.

    5. For promote only, select ‘Bypass overlay check’ to prevent warnings of overlays.

    6. Select ‘Suppress batch messages’ to suppress success/ failure messages from the promote or demote job.

    7. Type the JCL job statement to be used for the promote or demote job.

    8. Press [Enter].

  5. If you chose Selective for the promote or demote option, then on the Promote To or the Demote From panel:

    1. Type “S” to select or “D” to deselect components.

    2. Press [Enter].

    3. Press [PF3] to process.

      For more details, see the “Promoting and Demoting a Package” chapter in the ChangeMan ZMF User Guide.