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JCL and CLIST Examples

This appendix presents sample JCL and CLISTs from the distributed libraries.


The following samples are in the CMNZMF and SERCOMC libraries on the ZMF installer.

They should be modified according to instructions in this manual.

SERNET Started Procedure With ChangeMan ZMF

Model JCL for a SERNET started task is delivered in member SERVER in the delivered SERCOMC CNTL library.

Model JCL for ChangeMan ZMF DD statements is delivered in member STARTJCL in the delivered CMNZMF CNTL library.

ChangeMan ZMF Logon CLIST

Copy and customize member CMN from the CMNZMF CLIST library. This CLIST connects a user to the ChangeMan ZMF instance defined by the subsystem ID specified.

CMNxADSP Default File Tailoring Procedure

Model JCL for file tailoring started procedures is delivered in member CMNADSP in the delivered CMNZMF CNTL library.

To facilitate parallel processing, ChangeMan ZMF global administration allows you to have up to four different file tailoring procedures. However, the JCL in all of those procedures should be identical.

ChangeMan ZMF P Instance

The started procedure for a ChangeMan ZMF 8.1 P instance omits some DD statements included in the started procedures for ALL, DP, and D instances. Refer to the comments in the supplied CNTL members.