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This section describes the Modify feature of the high-level language exits. This now allows ChangeMan Administrators to modify the started task without resorting to using SDSF or operator console commands and typing in commands that may be prone to error or restricted.

Select option Z Modify from the HLL Exit Definition - Function Selection (CMNHLLMM) panel to Reload, Detach or Attach exit definitions:

CMNHLLMM                     HLL Exit Definition - Function Selection
Option ===>_________________________________________________________

1 All                       Full list

2 Build                     Component checkin, build, recompile, relink, delete
3 Package Create            Initial create of a package
4 Package Update            Subsequent update of package attributes
5 File Tailoring            Define customized ISPF variables for file tailoring
6 Checkout                  Component Checkout from baseline/promotion
7 Promote/Demote            Promotion and demotion of components
8 Audit                     Audit job submission and audit process
9 Freeze                    Package freeze and selective unfreeze/refreeze
A Approve/Reject            Package approve and reject
R Revert/Backout            Package revert and backout
S Specific                  Package syslib, Standard Language, Query etc.
U Scratch/Rename            Utility functions

E ERO                       ERO functions

M Miscellaneous             HLLX procedure name
Z Modify                    Issue Reload, Detach, or Attach modify commands
CMNHLLMC                    HLL Exit MODIFY commands
Option ===>  _________________________________________________________

1 Reload                    Reload active HLL exit definitions
2 Detach                    Stop HLLX
3 Attach                    Attach Start HLLX

This function allows you to request ZMF to issue MVS modify commands related to the operation of the HLL exit facility. For example, you can reload the active HLL exit definitions from those saved in the package master file. The valid options are:

  • 1 - Reload active HLL exit definitions - refreshed all exits.

    F stcname,CMN,RELOAD,HLLX

  • 2 - Stop HLLX - stops the assocaiated HLLX address space.

    F stcname,CMN,DETACH,HLLX

  • 3 - Start HLLX - starts the assocaiated HLLX address space.

    F stcname,CMN,ATTACH,HLLX

Each should result in the short message Service completed and a long message similar to CMN8700I - HLLX Modify RELOAD service completed (RELOAD will be DETACH or ATTACH according to command selected) and the normal messages in the started task log for example:

SER0850I    Operator command: CMN,RELOAD,HLLX
CMN8485I    CMNSTART HLLX active exit table has been reloaded.
CMN8492I    Start of HLLX active exits list:
CMN8494I    IntName Typ Env External Name          Debug Ids
CMN8493I    End of HLLX active exits list.

The system log will show a message similar to: MODIFY SERT8813.SERT8813,CMN,RELOAD,HLLX