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Skeleton Variables

ISPF variables are used in ChangeMan ZMF skeleton logic to:

  • Provide values for component names, data set names, parameters, subparameters, and other elements of JCL.

  • Provide the conditions for file tailoring logic to include or exclude JCL statements.

Skeleton Variable Example

The following code fragment from a ChangeMan ZMF skeleton provides an example of both variable functions:

In this example, if variable DB2PCLL is not a null value (blank), then the STEPLIB statement is included in the JCL generated by file tailoring.

If the STEPLIB statement is included in the generated JCL, the data set name of the library will be the value stored in variable DB2PCLL.

Where Variables Are Defined

ISPF variables are made available for file tailoring by these ChangeMan ZMF facilities:

  • ChangeMan ZMF base product programs that set variable values based on conditions in the package master file, component master file, files under ChangeMan ZMF control, and values entered by users on standard ChangeMan ZMF panels.

  • Package User Information variables entered by package creators if the Package User Information facility is turned on by the global administrator. See Package User Information.

  • Stage User Option variables set by users on the custom ChangeMan ZMF User Option Panel built by the administrator or technician responsible for customizing ChangeMan ZMF. See Staging User Options.

  • Skeletons CMN$$DSN, CMN$$VAR, CMN$PARM, PRM$aaaa, and VAR$aaaa that you customize to set variables used in build processing.

  • Release ID variables set by the global administrator. See Release ID Variables.

  • Custom variables V01-V10 passed from ISPF panels to file tailoring for some ChangeMan ZMF batch jobs.


Member #VARLIST in the CMNZMF SKELS library lists ISPF variables and variable tables defined in base ChangeMan ZMF programs.

  • The variables and tables are grouped under the ChangeMan ZMF function that defines them.

  • The variables in each table are listed.

  • For each variable, the variable length and a short definition are provided.

  • High level skeletons for each ChangeMan ZMF function are listed.