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Using Package User Information

Package User Information is an optional facility that stores data in 71 fields of various lengths on the package master. You enter Package User Information on panels that are displayed when you create a package and when you update package information. The information stored in Package User Information fields is available for processing by several exits, and it is available in file tailoring for installation JCL.

The Package User Information facility is designed to be flexible so that you can customize it to meet your needs for package-level user data. You can customize two data entry panels, selecting the fields you want to display, labeling the input fields with names you choose, and coding edit rules and other panel processing to satisfy your requirements. You can use Package User Information data in program logic in certain ChangeMan ZMF exit programs. You can choose your own names for the variables made available to file tailoring for install JCL.

For a full description of the Package User Information facility, and for instructions for implementing this feature, see the "User Data" chapter in the ChangeMan ZMF Customization Guide.