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Distribution and Installation of the Change Package

After the change package is approved, it is either installed, or first distributed and then installed. The specific distribution and installation process depends on the following:

  • The type of scheduler set up by the global administrator

  • Whether or not the Installation job has been modified

  • The site type (ALL, DP, and so on).

Distribution to Remote Sites

If the site is D or DP, and has remote sites (P), the following occurs:

  • Specific staging libraries, the installation JCL, and a copy of the package master record pertaining to this change are distributed (copied) to all the remote sites specified in the package control information (it is specified in the creation/update package process).

  • A record of this event (package distribution) is placed in the activity log.

  • A distribution acknowledgment is sent back to the development center.

  • Package status is changed from APR to DIS.

  • The change packages are installed at those sites.

If the site is ALL (no remote sites exist), the change package is ready to install. See the following discussion.

If the site is DP or D, the installation job CMN20 job runs at the corresponding remote sites, according to the scheduler. Once the change packages are installed to the remote sites, the CMN30 job runs at the DP or at the D site.

If the site is ALL, ChangeMan ZMF executes installation jobs CMN20 and CMN50 directly. The status of the change package changes from APR to BAS.