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In order to enforce local business rules, many Serena customers are forced to implement calls to ISPF panel exits from customized versions of the ISPF panel definitions supplied as part of the ZMF product. There are two problems with this:

  1. Every time Serena changes a panel definition, or even the underlying code driving the panel display, customers must recustomize and/or retest their local functionality. This consumes a lot of time during a ZMF upgrade.

  2. This method of implementing ZMF functionality is only available to the ISPF client. No method is available to ZDD and ZMF for Eclipse clients to achieve the same customization.

ZMF 8.1 and later versions provide central high-level language exit services that can be called by any client that can connect to ZMF. You can code the exits in any Language Environment (LE)-compliant language as well as REXX. The same customer-supplied exit code will be executed regardless of which client is being used.

If an appropriate exit point is in place, there will be no need to code an ISPF panel exit.


These HLL exit points have no relation to, and do not replace, any existing ZMF assembler exit points (that is, the CMNEXnnn exits).

This release addresses requirements in the following ZMF functions:

  • Build (including Component Checkin, Stage, Recompile, and Relink)

  • Package Create

  • Package Update

  • File Tailoring

  • Component Checkout

  • Promote/Demote

  • Audit

  • Freeze (Unfreeze, Refreeze)

  • Approve/Reject

  • Revert/Backout

  • Package Syslib

  • Scratch/Rename

  • Issue Reload, Detach, or Attach modify commands

Selected HLL Exits Can Be Coded To Suppress the Display of User Option Panels

The relevant ISPF client programs have been changed to take notice of a proceed=NO setting from the AUDT00UV, BULD00US, BULD00UV, CKOT00UV, FREZ00UV, and PRDM00UV pre-exits. If this setting is found in these exits, the process of displaying the relevant user variable or user options panel or panels is skipped. This change only applies to the only to the ISPF client (and not to ChangeMan ZDD or ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse client processing).