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The Installation Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for initial installation of ChangeMan ZMF. It assumes that no prior version is installed or that the installation will overlay the existing version.

Before you Begin

See the Readme for updates and corrections for this manual. For the latest Readme, go to the Micro Focus SupportLine website at

Audience and scope

This manual is intended for system administrators responsible for administering and installing ChangeMan ZMF.

Use this manual to accomplish the following:

  • Install ChangeMan ZMF for the first time in your environment

  • Build a new environment to run the current release of ChangeMan ZMF

Use this document if you are responsible for any of these tasks:

  • Installing ChangeMan ZMF components

  • Providing Global or Application Administration for ChangeMan ZMF

  • Managing mainframe change control or configuration management

  • Providing technical support for mainframe started tasks

  • Managing the mainframe security system at your data center

This manual assumes that you are familiar with your mainframe operating system and experienced with your security system.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of ChangeMan ZMF, you must use the appropriate ChangeMan ZMF Migration Guide.


Components for ChangeMan ZMF are delivered in two sets of libraries.

The libraries with names that include CMNZMF as a node contain the ChangeMan ZMF base product and all selectable options.

The libraries with names that include SERCOMC as a node contain components for the following enabling technologies:

  • SERNET (known previously as Serena/Network), which manages communication and Serena XML Services for Serena mainframe products

  • Serena® License Manager™, which enables licensed Serena mainframe software on authorized CPUs

  • Common components used in multiple Serena products and enabling technologies