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Backout and Reinstall at P Instance

You can reinstall a package that has been backed out, but not reverted, at a P instance without going through the process of backing out, reverting, auditing, approving, and installing the change package at all sites. Use the following procedure:

  1. Logon to the P instance, access the Monitor function (Option M), and select the Limbo function (Option 1).

  2. On the Monitor Packages in Limbo panel, type the package ID of the backed out package, and press ENTER.

  3. On the Limbo Package List, type S in the line command for the package.

  4. On the Application - Site Selection List panel, type S in the line command for the site where the package is backed out.

  5. On the Limbo Package List panel, see that the Request field says SUBMIT, and then press PF3.

  6. On the list of package installation jobs, type S in the line command for the 20 job, and press ENTER. See that the Status column says *SELECT, and then press PF3.

  7. On the Monitor Packages In Limbo panel, see the short message JOB SUBMITTED.

  8. Go to the Change Package List and verify that the package status is INS.

  9. Logon to the D or DP instance and use the Backout function to verify that the status of the package is INS at the P instance where the package was backed out and reinstalled.


You cannot use the process described here for a P instance to back out package components from production libraries at an A or DP instance.