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Memo-Delete and Undelete Package Rules

These rules and restrictions apply to the memo delete and undelete package function:

  • Only simple and participating packages can be memo deleted.

  • Only packages in DEV status can be memo deleted.

  • Packages with promoted components cannot be memo deleted.

  • A package must be memo deleted with a status of DEL to be undeleted.

  • If housekeeping has physically deleted a memo deleted package, the package cannot be undeleted.

Administration Settings for Memo-Delete Package

Your global and application administrators make settings in ChangeMan ZMF administration that control how the memo-delete and undelete package function works in your application. Ask your administrator if any of the following apply to your application.

  • Prohibit memo delete if a package contains components or utility requests (scratch or rename requests). (Application Administration Parameters: Memo Delete Empty Packages Only)

  • Are you allowed to delete Complex/Super packages that have participating packages? (ZMF can be set so that it does not allow del or memo-del to delete these packages if they have any attached packages.)


If ZMF is set to allow del or memo-del to delete super packages, all of the participating packages must have one of the following statuses: DEV, DEL, REJ, or BAK.