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Recompile and Relink

The Recompile and Relink functions are intended to introduce components into packages in special circumstances. Neither Recompile nor Relink copies the source into the package, but instead keeps the output of the process. This may be helpful if:

  • A copybook has changed, but not the referencing source (Recompile).

  • The source code is not available for a driver, but a change is made to a subroutine (Relink).

  • It is necessary to perform a composite link where the resulting load component name does not have accompanying source (Relink).

  • Both Recompile and Relink use the component’s history from the package master. For example, Relink picks up the link options that were used when the program was last compiled.

  • Both Recompile and Relink can be used to resolve certain types of out-of-sync situations found during the audit of a package.