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User Data

ChangeMan ZMF includes four facilities that enable you to enter information that can beused by skeleton file tailoring to customize ChangeMan ZMF functions that are executed in batch jobs.

Some of these facilities store your data in the package master or component master files, and you can display that information on custom reports.


The data presented in this chapter is summarized in this table.

User Data Facility Description Data Entry Data Stored
Package User Information - 71 fields per package
- 1-72 character fields
2 ISPF package information panels provided for your customization Package record
Staging User Options - 57 fields per component
- 1-72 character fields
4 ISPF component staging panel provided for your customization Component record
Release ID Variables - 54 fields per release ID
- 1 release ID per application
- 32 characters in each field
Global Administration ISPF panel Global record
Custom V01-V10 Variables - 10 fields
- 8 and 72 character fields
You add to standard ISPF panels for batch processes Not stored