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Templated BIND Command Parameters

A BIND command member is obtained from the staging libraries in your change package. If the BIND command member is not staged, it is obtained from baseline libraries. (Promotion libraries are searched after staging libraries if the BIND is performed for promotion or demotion).

Templates defined in the logical subsystem in the Db2 Option are applied to provide BIND parameters that are suitable for the target Db2 environment.

You can alter these parameters in a BIND command by using templating:

  • PLAN Name

  • PACKAGE Location

  • PACKAGE Name/Collection ID




BIND Command Keyword Option Order The ChangeMan ZMF Db2 Option uses IBM service routine IKJPARS to parse BIND commands. This ensures that Db2 Option processing is synchronized with changes that IBM might make to BIND keyword operands.

IKJPARS does not attempt to maintain the order of keyword operands in a BIND command that it parses. Therefore, keyword operands sent to IKJEFT01 from the ZMF Db2 Option may be in a different order than in the original BIND command member in a staging, promotion, baseline, or production library.