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Stage From Development

There is a new option on the 'Stage from Development' panel CMNSTG02:

CMNSTG02                            Stage from Development 
Command ===>  _________________________________________________________________   

         Package: STEV000288         Status: DEV        Install date: 20161120   
     Change rqst: 00000001                                   Location: HERE

ISPF Library: 
   Project . . . . ZMFSD 
   Group . . . . . DB2   
   Type . . . . .  JCL   
   Member . . . .  ________          (Blank/pattern for list; \* for all members) 

Other partitioned, sequential or HFS dataset: 
   DSN . . . . . . ___________________________________________________________  + 
   Org . . . . . . ____               (PDS, Seq, PAN, LIB, Oth, HFS) 

Library type . . . . . ____           (Blank for list) 
Stage name . . . . . . _______________________________________________________  + 
Stage mode . . . . . . 1              (1-Online, 2-Batch)    

Enter "/" to select option   
   / Confirm request                  _ Expand HFS subdirectories 
   _ Lock component                   _ Display component user options 
   / Extract Stored Procedure from Db2 catalog 

If you choose that option, you are presented with a new panel from which you can stage the SP into the package:

CMNSTG25                          Stage Native-SQL SP from Db2 
Command ===>  _________________________________________________________________   

         Package: STEV000288           Status: DEV        Install date: 20161120

Stored Procedure: 
   Db2 id . . . . DSN 
   Location . . . _____________________
   Schema . . . . ZMFSD _______________________________________________________  +
   Name . . . . . NTVSQL01 ____________________________________________________  +
   Version . . .  _____________________________________________________________  + 
   Version Ind .  _____________________ 

   Name . . . . . NTVSQL01 
   Library type.  NSQ

Enter "/" to select option
   / Add package information to component
   _ Lock component in package

The fields available on this panel (CMNSTG25) are:

Stored Procedure Description
Db2 id Enter the subsystem id of the Db2 instance you would like ZMF to contact to look for the stored procedure (SP) to be staged into the package. If location is left blank then the SP must reside in the catalog of this Db2 instance. This Db2 subsystem must be contactable by ZMF and must be at least Db2 v11.
Location If the Stored Procedure is located at a remote Db2 instance you can specify its location here. The usual requirements for DRDA access to remote Db2 tables, from the Db2 ID specified above, must be in place.
Schema This is the (up to 128 byte) schema name used to identify the SP definition to be extracted.
Name This is the (up to 128 byte) name of the SP.
Version This is the (up to 64,122 for DBCS, byte) Db2 version identifier for the Native SQL SP you wish to extract. If this, and the next, field is left blank then ZMF will extract the version with the greatest routineid.
Version In This indicator is used only if the Version field is left blank. It allows the user to extract one of the First, Latest, or Active versions of the SP. You can enter the whole word or just the first character i.e. F, L, or A. any other value is invalid:
First: The version of the SP with the earliest CREATEDTS will be staged.
Latest: The version of the SP with the latest of either CREATEDTS or ALTEREDTS will be staged.
Active: The currently active version of the SP will be staged.
Component Description
Name The 8 byte name of the component to be staged into the package. This is usually the same name as the SP itself (and leaving this field blank will ensure this is so). If the SP name is longer than 8 bytes then you will have to choose an 8 byte component name yourself.
Library Type The library type to be used to stage the component. This must be a Db2 indicated library type with a subtype of N.
Option Description
Add package information to component If selected this will result in comments being added to the top of the extracted SP component. These comments identify the package being used as the vehicle for the deployment of this SP ("The first three (optional) comment lines have been added by ZMF.").
Lock component in package Selecting this option will cause the component to be locked in the package. This sets the same variable as the same option on CMNSTG02.

If the SP component is being entered directly via ISPF edit then the member can be staged directly into the package.

In order to enable client-pack, batch, and general access to this, this new function has been implemented as an extension to the existing CHECKIN service.

All these values may, optionally, be controlled via new HLL exits taken at new points for this new function. The internal exit names are:

BULD0025 pre-panel CMNSTG25

BULD0125 post-panel CMNSTG25

The data interface for the checkin/build function (BULD) has been extended to pass these new attributes (more info in the next section).