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ChangeMan ZMF Administrator Duties

The person who will become the ChangeMan ZMF administrator should be very involved in the implementation process. Not only will this help familiarize the administrator with the product, but he/she can be involved in the decisions about functions that he/she may later have to teach to users.

In addition, the administrator traditionally has many other duties in the supervision of ChangeMan ZMF:

  • Consider the implementation needs of your sites, including space allocation for libraries as well as security needs. (See Setting Up Global Administration.)

  • Set global parameters for your ChangeMan ZMF installation. (See Setting Up Global Administration.)

  • Consult on and/or set application parameters. (See Setting Up Application Administration.)

  • Set the global and/or application parameters for remote sites. (See Configuring Remote Sites.)

  • Produce and browse reports for your sites or specific applications. (See Defining and Running ChangeMan ZMF Reports.)

  • Customize ChangeMan ZMF for your site. Customization includes the implementation of exits and tailoring skeletons. (See the ChangeMan ZMF Customization Guide.)

  • Continually monitor ChangeMan ZMF for packages in limbo as well as packages whose installation you wish to expedite or prohibit. (See Monitoring Site and Application Packages.)

  • Periodically execute housekeeping functions such as starting up and shutting down the ChangeMan ZMF instance, backing up the package master, clearing the logs, updating the query component relationship information. (See Batch Housekeeping Tasks.)

  • Act as primary contact for questions, problems, and suggestions forwarded to Customer Support.