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Accessing Freeze Package Functions

Freeze functions are accessed from the Freeze Options menu (CMNFRZ01).

CMNFRZ01                Freeze Options
Option ===>________________________________________
  Package . . . . ACTP000038
1 Online          Freeze package online
2 Batch           Freeze package in batch
3 Selective       Selectively unfreeze/refreeze package components
4 Reset           Reset indicator after unsuccessful batch freeze
5 Re-Build        Re-submit install JCL build request

Use one of these methods to display the Freeze Options menu:

  • Using the Menu Hierarchy:

    On the Primary Option Menu, select 2 Freeze.

  • Using Direct Panel Access:

    On a ChangeMan ZMF panel, type =2 in the Command or Option line and press Enter.

Using the Change Package List to Access Freeze Functions

You can access the options listed on the Freeze Options menu directly from the Change Package List.

On the Change Package List panel, type one of the following in the line command for a change package and press Enter.

  • F1 Freeze the change package online

  • F2 Freeze the change package in batch

  • F3 Selectively unfreeze or refreeze package components

  • F4 Reset Freeze Progress indicators

  • F5 Re-submit installation JCL build request