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CMNBILOD - Verify that an ILOD record does not already exist

Utility program CMNBILOD is used to verify that an ILOD record does not already exist for a component.

When a SRC component build is requested, all existing 'ILOD' (i.e. SRC-LOD relationship) records associated with that SRC are deleted from the package master metadata. When program CMNBILOD executes within the staging job it checks that there are still no ILOD records. If none are found, the build job is allowed to proceed and the component can be activated in the expected manner.

If program CMNBILOD finds that ILOD records do exist, however, it will stop the stage job completing with a message like

Out of sync situation: component tied to DB2TST1.DBR

This is primarily to prevent any 'orphan' ILOD records being allowed to slip through unnoticed and to potentially allow unwanted components to make it into baseline or production libraries.

This means that any prior build job submitted for a SRC component must either be completed, or cancelled prior to execution, before a subsequent build job is submitted.


See the description below for return code 8, this is signifying that the load/target component is already linked to another component. Build jobs must complete before the next build job is started for the same component.
If you have two build jobs running at the same time, the second build job will complete with a return code of 8, with an out of synch situation encountered. To resolve the return code 8, start the submit process again for the component.

Program Execution Parameters

The PARM= statement is required for program CMNBILOD. This table describes execution parameters that are used with program CMNBILOD:

Parameter Use Description
SUBSYS= Optional Specifies ChangeMan subsystem, default is blank.
USER= Required TSO ID to use to connect.


DD Statements

This table describes DD statements for CMNBILOD.

DDNAME I/O Purpose
SYSIN Input Required. Component information PKN=package name, LNM=component type, LTP=component type.
SYSPRINT Output Program messages.


Return Codes and Error Messages

This table describes program return codes for CMNBILOD.

Return Code Description
00 Successful execution.
04 An application error has ocurred.
06 Started task inactive or a connection error.
08 Load/target component already linked to another component.