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Query Component (QCMP0100)

There is only one exit for this area and it is intended to allow you to prevent overly generic component searches from being requested (usually accidentally). This is a client-only exit as the underlying service can be legitimately used for generic component searches (e.g. during reporting etc.). This exit is, potentially, passed the following series of fields (REXX variable names). Note that not all clients use all these variables as the query component implementation is different from one client to the next. Also, the data fields have been set up with a view to future requirements so there may be some fields that are not populated by any client. Use the sample exits to display what is being passed from the client of interest.

LE-Language Variable Name REXX Variable Name Length Purpose Modifiable (Yes/No)
QCMPFUNC function 8 Internal exit name No
QCMPEXTN externalName 256 External routine name defined for this exit No
QCMPDBUG debugCall 1 Debug exit call (Y/N) No
QCMPORGN callOrigin 3 ISPF = SPF
XML Service = XML
QCMPZMFS zmfSubs 1 ZMF subsystem character No
QCMPPDB2 db2Subs 4 Default Db2 subsystem for this ZMF No
QCMPUSER userid 8 Userid for function calling this exit No
QCMPCOMP componentName 256 Component name Yes
QCMPTYPE componentType 3 Component library type Yes
QCMPPKGN packageId 10 Component package Yes
QCMPUPID lastChangeUserid 8 Component last changed by this userid Yes
QCMPLANG language 8 Component language Yes
QCMPPROC buildProcedure 8 Component build procedure Yes
QCMPDATF dateChangedFrom 8 Component last changed from this date Yes
QCMPDATT dateChangedTo 8 Component last changed up to this date Yes
QCMPBDTF dateBaselinedFrom 8 Component last baselined from this date Yes
QCMPBDTT dateBaselinedTo 8 Component last baselined up to this date Yes
QCMPZDTF dateTempCycledFrom 8 Component temp cycled from this date Yes
QCMPZDTT dateTempCycledTo 8 Component temp cycled up to this date Yes
QCMPSCKO componentCheckedOut 1 Component in checked out status (Y/N) Yes
QCMPSDEL componentDeleted 1 Component in deleted status (Y/N) Yes
QCMPSTCC componentTempCycled 1 Component in temp cycled status (Y/N) Yes
QCMPSPRM componentPromoted 1 Component in promoted status (Y/N) Yes
QCMPSDEM componentDemoted 1 Component in demoted status (Y/N) Yes
QCMPSBAS componentBaselined 1 Component in baselined status (Y/N) Yes
QCMPSDEA componentDeletedArchived 1 Component in D/A status (Y/N) Yes

The following fields are used by the ISPF client only.

LE-Language Variable Name REXX Variable Name Length Purpose Modifiable (Yes/No)
QCMPPSAP packageApproved 1 Associated pkg has approved status Yes
QCMPPSBK packageBackedOut 1 Associated pkg has backed out status Yes
QCMPPSBS packageBaselined 1 Associated pkg has baselined status Yes
QCMPPSCL packageClosed 1 Associated pkg has closed status Yes
QCMPPSAR packageArchived 1 Associated pkg has archived status Yes
QCMPPSDL packageDeleted 1 Associated pkg has deleted status Yes
QCMPPSDV packageInDevelopment 1 Associated pkg has development status Yes
QCMPPSDS packageDistributed 1 Associated pkg has distributed status Yes
QCMPPSFZ packageFrozen 1 Associated pkg has frozen status Yes
QCMPPSIN packageInstalled 1 Associated pkg has installed status Yes
QCMPPSOP packageOpen 1 Associated pkg has open status Yes
QCMPPSRJ packageRejected 1 Associated pkg has rejected status Yes
QCMPPSTC packageTempCycled 1 Associated pkg has temp cycled status Yes
QCMPPTPP packagePlannedPermanent 1 Associated pkg is of type planned/permanent Yes
QCMPPTPT packagePlannedTemporary 1 Associated pkg is of type planned/temporary Yes
QCMPPTUP packageUnplannedPermanent 1 Associated pkg is of type unplanned/permanent Yes
QCMPPTUT packageUnplannedTemporary 1 Associated pkg is of type unplanned/temporary Yes

The following fields are set by the exit in general.

LE-Language Variable Name REXX Variable Name Length Purpose Modifiable (Yes/No)
QCMPGO proceed 3 Set to 'NO' to stop the process Yes
QCMPSHRT shortMsg 24 Short error message text Yes
QCMPLONG longMsg 128 Long error message text Yes
QCMPCHNG dataChanged 3 This field must be set to YES if you wish to return changed values to ZMF. Yes

Sample exits are provided which show how to display the data items passed to QCMP0100. They also show how to stop an overly generic component query request.

The exit can change any of the query criteria values but if a client doesn't actually use one of these variables then changing it in the exit will achieve nothing.

The exits are: