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Auditing a Package Attached to a Release

If you have licensed the Enterprise Release Option (ERO), a package must pass a package audit and an area audit before a release can be processed.

If you perform a package-level audit against a package that is attached to a release, the following sync conditions are not flagged:


  • SYNCH0!

  • SYNCH5!

  • SYNCH8!

  • SYNCH10!

  • SYNCH13!

  • SYNCH15! for copybooks (the LCT version of SYNCH15! is still flagged)

  • SYNCH16!

  • SYNCH24!

These sync conditions are related either to baseline components or copybooks.

A baselined component without ISPF statistics returns a SYNCH1! in package audit, but not in release audit.

A staged component without ISPF statistics returns a SYNCH1! in package audit and release audit.

Two messages appear in the SYSPRINT data set for audit job step AD000 to indicate that the package being audited is attached to a release:

CMN2614I - Package is attached to a Release, package audit processing will be restricted to staging contents.

CMN2617I - Use ERO Area Audit to ensure integrity across the release areas and baseline.

A slightly different format heading appears in the audit report (AUDITRPT data set of the audit job) to indicate that the package is attached to a release. For example:

ChangeMan(R) ZMF (8.1.0 - 20141010) Audit FRIDAY DECEMBER 12, 2014 (2014/346) 01:52:26                       Page 1
            ******************************(NOTE: Package attached to Release)*******************************
            * ERO Change Package       ===> ACTP00023 Created 2014/12/12 at 01:26:56 by USER015            *
            *Package Installation Date ===> 2014/12/31       Package Status: DEV                           *
            *Component Analysis Type   ===> Description of member from library directory entry             *
            *Library Appl:Libtype      ===> ACTP:CPY                                                       *


Each time the package is either attached to or detached from a release, the package audit return code is reset. This requires the package to be audited again according to the audit-level rules.

See the ChangeMan ZMF ERO Option Getting Started Guide for information about auditing release areas.