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Step 9: Implement Changes for the Db2 Option

Steps required to migrate the ZMF Db2 option vary depending on which configuration you wish to implement and on which other, Db2-reliant, ZMF features are to be used (e.g. ERO).

The option to host the Impact Analysis (I/A) table on Db2 has been reinstated in the ZMF 8.3 Release. The specific steps required to migrate your existing ZMF Db2 environment to 8.3 depend on the configuration selected from the following list:

Combinations of ZMF features and configurations

Please refer to Migrating ZMF Db2 Options for a comprehensive list of migration steps required for your particular mix.


  • You must be on a supported version of Db2.

  • The Database Request Modules (DBRMs) that are delivered in the CMNZMF DBRM distribution library have been generated under Db2 version 12. Contact Micro Focus Customer Care if a DBRM is incompatible with the version of Db2 that you use.

  • If you license the Db2 option, refer to the following publication for more information: ChangeMan ZMF Db2 Option Getting Started Guide