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Staging Like-Other Components

Your ChangeMan ZMF installer or administrator can create custom build processes from the standard compile and link-edit ISPF skeletons that are delivered from Serena. However, some custom processes cannot meet the restrictions of “like-source” processing, so a “like-other” process is created.

You initiate stage processing for like-other components in the same way that you initiate stage processes for like-source, by using one of the Stage Options. When you stage a like- other component, the Stage: other Components panel is displayed.

CMNSTG09                Stage: OTH Components
Command ===> ___________________________________________________

Package: ACTP000043         Status: DEV         Install date: 20171130
Library type: OTH

Job statement information:
===> //USER2391 JOB (X170,374),'S6.V814',
===> //*
===> //*

Enter "/" to select option
__User variables
/ Other options

Inputs allowed on this panel are the Job Statement Information and the two options, User variables and Other options. If these are selected, then if you selected User variables, then panels CMNUSR01-4 are displayed for inputs. If you selected Other options, then panel CMNUSV1 is displayed for inputs. When you press Enter, a batch job is created and submitted.