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Transmit Selected Remote Promote Components

With the promotion skeletons that are delivered with ChangeMan ZMF, when you selectively promote components to a remote site, all components in the staging library are transmitted to the remote site. Only the components you selected for promotion are copied from the transmitted library to the promotion library.

Skeleton code is available to create remote promote JCL that sends only the components selected for promotion to the remote site.

This facility was created for the ERO Option where promotion originates with release area libraries, which are typically much larger than package staging libraries. However, the function can be used to enhance performance of all remote promotion jobs in ChangeMan ZMF, not just ERO area promotion.

If you want to enable the skeleton code that creates more efficient remote promotion jobs, follow the instructions in comments at the top of these skeletons.

If you want the more efficient remote promotion JCL to be created for all remote promotion jobs in ChangeMan ZMF, not just for ERO area promotion, follow the instructions in the comments at the top of this skeleton.