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Checking Out From a Package

You can check out from an existing package by selecting option 4, and this will result in the display of panel CMNCKOT3.

CMNCKOT3                            Checkout
Command ===>________________________________________________________

Package . . . . . . . ACTP000032

Source package . . . __________________________
Component name . . . _____________________________________________________+
Library type . . . . _____

Checkout to . . . . . ____        (S-Staging library, P-Personal library)
Personal library . . _____________________________________________________+
Library dsorg . . . . ____        (Personal lib: PDS, PDSE, SEQ, PAN, LIB, ZFS)
Checkout mode . . . . ____________(1-Online, 2-Batch)

Enter "/" to select option
__ Confirm overlay
/  Lock component
__ Display component user options
__ Mixed case


This function is used to copy components from another package into a personal library or staging library.

Field Description
Package This is the change package ID with which the component being checked out will be associated. The package must be in DEV status.
Source package Enter the package from which to check out components.
Component name Enter a component name, pattern or blank.
Library Type Enter a library type, pattern or blank.
Checkout to Specify the component's destination. Enter 'S' to check out the component to the package's Staging library. Enter 'P' to check out the component to a personal library.
Personal library If 'P' is entered above, enter the name of the target personal library (use apostrophes). If PAN or LIB is selected, the check- out must be done in batch. If a dataset name is entered and it does not exist, ChangeMan will allocate it based on the Library Type attributes - and batch checkout is required.
Library dsorg If checking out to a personal library, enter that library's dataset organization based upon the following:
PDS: Partitioned dataset
SEQ: Sequential dataset
PAN: Panvalet file
LIB: Librarian file
ZFS: z/OS File System
Checkout mode Enter 1 to check out the component online or 2 for batch. A batch checkout will be required if any of the following conditions apply:
1. The components to be checked out reside in a Baseline library whose Storage Means is defined as (D)elta deck or (C)ompressed whose Storage Means is defined as (D)elta deck or (C)ompressed PDS.
2. The PERSONAL LIBRARY NAME to which the component is to be checked out is in PANVALET or LIBRARIAN format, or does not yet exist.
3. The component being checked out is defined as like-other.
Confirm overlay Enter the option desired for confirmation panels: Select to view and respond to any confirmation required where the target file will be overlaid by performing this checkout. Omit to bypass confirmation panels and perform the checkout.
Lock component Enter the option desired for component locking: Select to place an immediate lock on the component. This only applies to the current package, it does not cross packages. Omit to bypass component locking.
NOTE: Batch checkout will not update the member's ISPF statistics. Batch checkout will also bypass the OVERLAY PRIOR STAGED MODULE Admin rule. If a component is locked by another user you must go to the stage package driven list (1.6.2) to UNLOCK the component prior to checkout. UC Unlock Component to allow for Checkout/Stage.
Display component user options Allow display of component user option panel(s) for non-source components during stage process. It has no effect during checkout. Setting the value here allows you to bypass the stage selection panel to set the value prior to edit or stage. This allows user data to be associated with a component for later use in exits or XML services. If the 'Enable component user variables' global option is not enabled this setting is ignored. Note: Component user variables for source components are accessible during the build process.
Mixed Case By default, all fields are folded to upper case. However, if the option 'Mixed Case' is selected, then the component name is left as is. Whichever case you enter will then be processed.