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Setting Up Remote Sites for Production Libraries

An alternative to using baseline libraries for your production libraries is to set up additional ChangeMan ZMF subsystems. This allows you to segregate packages still in development from production level packages. You define one subsystem as your development site and the additional subsystems as remote sites where production level packages can be distributed and installed. Baseline libraries reside at the development site and production libraries are kept on the remote site CPU.

You set up remote sites during global administration by configuring your ChangeMan ZMF subsystems as either D (Development site) or DP (Development and Production site) for the subsystem you designate as your development site, and P (Production site) for the subsystem you designate as your production site.

If you initially invest in a single subsystem, but are planning to incorporate remote site subsystems in the future, configure your single subsystem as DP, not ALL. Setting up as an ALL site enables you to have both development and production libraries on a single CPU, but prohibits you from attaching remote sites.