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Implementing http event notifications and REST api's into ZMF


The purpose of this product enhancement is essentially two fold:

  1. To expose ChangeMan ZMF events to external authorized subscribers in the form of webhooks, and to act upon responses returned from those subscribers.

    • There may be from zero to any number of webhook subscribers of a given ZMF event notification.

    • The webhook subscription on which support is focused in this first release is serviced by Jenkins.

    • 'Endpoint' support such as SonarQube, Jira, Octane etc is provided via existing Jenkins Plugins etc.

    • While Jenkins is the focus, the support is generic and other products/processes may subscribe to these webhooks. The webhook is driven using standard http messages and it is for the webhook target to handle the message.

  2. To take incoming 'unsolicited' requests from authorized users to perform a function within ZMF. These will be in the form of an incoming REST api call.