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The contents of sequential file MAPDATA and VSAM LDS XMLSPACE have changed in ChangeMan ZMF 8.3.

Follow this procedure to define and populate the MAPDATA sequential file and the XMLSPACE VSAM LDS:

  1. Copy member XMLLOAD from the SERCOMC CNTL distribution library to your ZMF 8.3 custom SERCOMC CNTL library. Edit XMLLOAD in your ZMF 8.3 custom SERCOMC.CNTL library.

  2. Replace ZMF 8.1.* library names with ZMF 8.3 library names.

  3. Submit job XMLLOAD.

  4. Examine the job output for problems:

    1. Examine the output of job step RECEIVE in SYSTSPRT.

    2. Examine the job’s JESMSGLG to verify that job step LOAD completed with RC=00.

    3. Browse member XMLDATA in your SERCOMC CNTL library. Note the date and time in this line of text near the top of the data set:

      SERNET XML Dsect Cross Reference. Created: dd mmm yyyy hh:min:ss

    4. Browse the new MAPDATA file and look for the same text at the top of that file. The date and time should be the same as in the XMLDATA member.