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Sample CMNDB2PL Report

The following is an annotated sample report from CMNDB2PL: This section of the report shows the plan being used for Db2 queries by CMNDB2PL.

ChangeMan(R) ZMF DB2 Option Plan Lookup Program WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2016 (2016/034) 01:35:12 
CMNDB2PL - 8.1.0 10/10/2014 11.24   

DB2 Plan Used by ChangeMan ZMF Call Attach Facility:  
Using plan (CMNPLAN)  

The next section prints copies of the control card input. Messages for any errors found in the input records are interspersed with the control cards. An error message immediately follows the control card that caused the error.

Control card input (DDNAME = CMNPLCTL) 

    1 ==> TYPE=INSTALL 
    4 ==> USERID=USER239 
    5 ==> PACKAGE=ACTP000084 
    6 ==> PROJECT=ACTP 
    7 ==> NOBASEDBBRC=12 
    8 ==> WARNINGRC=4 
    9 ==> USEDB2PACKAGE 
   10 ==> DB2ID=C105 
   11 ==> LOGICAL=SERT7 
   12 ==> PLANTGT= 
   13 ==> PLANSRC= 
   14 ==> PKGETGT= 
   15 ==> PKGESRC= 
   16 ==> LOCNTGT= 
   17 ==> LOCNSRC= 
   18 ==> QUALIFIER= 
   19 ==> QUALTGT= 
   20 ==> QUALSRC= 
   21 ==> OWNER= 
   22 ==> OWNRTGT= 
   23 ==> OWNRSRC= 
   24 ==> REMOTEID=SERT7 

This section contains a list of all BIND PACKAGE and BIND PLAN members in this change package. These BIND commands are passed to the bind utility after the templates have been applied.

Staged bind control statements in this change package (DDNAME = CMNPLPKG)

   1 ==> MBR=ACPSRCD1

This section contains a list of all DBRMs in this change package. This list is used when the query is built to find the list of all plans in the affected Db2 catalogs that reference these DBRMs.

Staged DBRMs in this change package (DDNAME = CMNPLDBR)

   1 ==> MBR=ACPSRCD1

Since NODB2PLAN was specified, the Db2 catalog query for existing DBRMs is not executed. If NODB2PLAN had been commented out, a query for existing DBRM’s would be issued at this point.

The required BIND command members are listed. The origin of the BIND command requirement is one of the following:

  • A staged BIND PLAN member, indicated by DD: DBBSSTG.
  • A staged BIND PACKAGE member, indicated by DD pkgbindSSTG.
  • A plan that was found in the Db2 catalog that contained one of the staged DBRMs, indicated by DB2:SYSDBRM.
  • A package found in SYSIBM.SYSPACKAGE, indicated by DB2:SYSPACKAGE.

The following bind control statements are required:

Origin of    Staged     Actual     Logical     Plan         Package              Location          Owner       Qualifier     DB2     Remote     Reject
Bind Reqmt.  Name       Name       Subsys      Template     Template             Template          Template    Template      Subs    ID

DD:PKGSSTG   GNLSDB01   GNLSDB01   S3P1UT                   ??????????????????   ????????????????   ????????    ????????     C105    SERT3P1

If no BIND command members are found for any plan, CMNDB2PL terminates with a return code of 12, and lists all such DBRMs.