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Accessing the Application Selectable Options Panel

Selectable Options of ChangeMan ZMF often require configuration at the global administration level and at the application administration level.

To access application administration for an selectable option, follow these steps:

  1. On the Update Application Administration Options panel (CMNAPSOP), type the application mnemonic in the Application field, select Option O, and press Enter. The application - Selectable Options panel is displayed.

    CMNAPSOP                       C001 - Selectable Options 
    Option ===> ______________________________________________________________
    2   Db2             Maintain Db2 information
    3   INFO            Specify Info/Management change rule
    5   IMS             Control Region IDs and Library Sub-Type information


    Selectable options are the optional support for a variety of software products, such as Db2, INFO, OFM and IMS.

    Options will not be available if the options are not licensed.

    To set Global Administration options for a Selectable Option, enter the number on the Option command line. Additional administration panels for each of the options will be displayed to allow product specific options to be set.

    The following table lists selectable options that will be displayed if they are licensed.

    Option Description
    Db2 Manage changes to application Db2 components.
    INFO ChangeMan ZMF communication with other applications through: A VSAM interface file. The Tivoli Information Management for z/OS product from IBM.
    IMS Manage changes to IMS components.


  2. On the application - Selectable Options panel (CMNAPSOP), choose the option you want to configure at the application administration level, and press Enter.

See the ChangeMan ZMF manual for the selectable option for information about configuring the option at the application and global administration level.