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Step 5: Back Up Version 8.1.x or 8.2 Files

Use your existing preconversion housekeeping jobs or other JCL to back up ChangeMan ZMF files and clear log files for the 8.1.x or 8.2.x release that you are migrating from, before you begin converting files for version 8.3.

The following table lists the files you should back up. To accomplish this task, use the sample JCL members in the vendor CMNZMF CNTL library that was distributed with the ZMF 8.1.x or 8.2.x instance that you are migrating from.

Last DSN Node of the File to be Backed Up Description Type Vendor CMNZMF.CNTL Job of Your Existing, Preconversion Instance
CMNRECV Package Master, Short-Name Component Master, and Long-Name Component Master Forward Recovery File VSAM CLEARRCV Note 1
CMNDELAY Delay file VSAM See Note 3
IALOG Impact Analysis Forward Recovery Log QSAM LDSLOGR
CMNSVSM Staging Versions Site Master VSAM SVBKUP Note 4
CMNSVOM Staging Versions Object Master VSAM SVBKUP Note 4
CMNSVDM Staging Versions Delta Master VSAM SVBKUP
CMNSVAM Staging Versions Archive Master VSAM SVBKUP
  • Note 1: Please read the comments in the supplied sample JCL members.

  • Note 2: The BACKUP sample job will do the files listed, and optionally has a step to take an image copy of SQL Process Admin tables if so desired.

  • Note 3: There is no sample job for backing up the CMNDELAY file. Use IDCAMS with output QSAM file attributes RECFM=VB, LRECL=5000, BLKSIZE=32700.

  • Note 4: These jobs do the same work as the second step of the BACKUP job. You may use either.