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Features of ChangeMan ZMF

  • Change package architecture guarantees the coordination of changed elements

  • Automated job builds, installation scheduling, and rollback simplify implementation

  • Version control detects discrepancies and out-of-sync component relationships

  • Concurrent development is managed to serialize change

  • Merge-and-reconcile option converges parallel lines of development

  • Automated notifications keep developers and managers informed of change actions

  • Built-in approval process ensures accountability

  • Automated business rules enforce change policies at a controlled level of flexibility

  • Library management supports CA Librarian®, CA Panvalet®, or IBM® PDS, PDSE and PDSE version 2 data sets

  • ZMF 8.1.4 running under z/OS 2.3 allows sending of certain job completion messages to a TSO user’s RACF defined email address. Refer to IBM documentation on z/OS 2.3 for the details on how to implement this feature.

  • Database management options automate generation of IBM Db2® and IMS™ elements

  • Customizable user exits and custom user variables add flexibility

  • XML Services interface supports customized data interchange and product integrations

  • Integrated network facility coordinates change across multiple servers & sites

  • Full suite of online and batch query and reporting capabilities track software in motion

  • Historical information is maintained in a single repository

  • High Level Language Functional Exits (HLLX) to implement user exits written in Language Environment (LE)-compliant languages (such as COBOL and PL/1) and REXX to enforce local business rules in ZMF functions