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Staging a Component

  1. From the Primary Option Menu, choose 1 (Build) and press [Enter].

  2. From the Build Options menu, choose 6 (Stage) and press [Enter].

  3. On the Stage Options panel:

    1. Type the package ID.

    2. Type a stage action in the Option field:

    3. Dev (Copy a component to the staging library from a development library, then stage the component.)

    4. Package (Stage a component already in the package.)

    5. Parms (Specify component list selection criteria.)

    6. Press [Enter].

Stage From Development (Dev Option)

If you chose option 1 Dev on the Stage Options panel:

  1. On the Stage From Development panel:

    1. Type the dataset name.

    2. Type a dataset organization if it is not PDS or SEQ.

    3. Type the library type, or leave blank for a list.

    4. Type a stage name if a new component name is needed.

    5. Select a stage mode (1=Online 2=Batch).

    6. Select ‘Expand HFS subdirectories’ to return the contents of all subdirectories or omit to list only the specified directory.

    7. Select other options desired.

    8. Press [Enter].

  2. For like-source components, continue with the Stage Build section later in this topic.

Stage Package Components (Package Option)

If you chose option 2 Package on the Stage Options panel:

  1. On the Stage Package Components panel:

    Component status values:

    **Status **Description
    ACTIVE Component has been successfully staged
    CHECKOUT Component has been checked out but not yet staged
    FROZEN Component cannot not be updated
    INACTIVE Name of the component was copied forward from another package, but the component has not been checked out to the staging library
    INCOMP Build job has not completed or has failed
    UNFROZEN Previously frozen component is available for update
    1. Type a line command next to one or more component names:

      **Cmd **Description
      B Browse component
      BA Browse component activity file (if enabled by administrator)
      BD Browse component general description
      BL Browse component listing
      D Delete component from staging library
      E Edit and stage component
      EA Edit activity file
      ED Edit component general description
      H Show history
      LC Lock component from checkout/stage in this package by another user
      R Recompile component from staging library
      SB Stage component in batch mode
      SL Display source-load relationship (like-source components only)
      ST Stage component (S will also work)
      UC Unlock component (if locked) to allow checkout stage
      UL Display User ID Work List (if enabled by administrator)
      UV Update Component User Variables
      V View component
      VC Display Version Control (if enabled by administrator)
      VL View component listing
    2. Press [Enter].

  2. For like-source components, continue with the Stage Build section later in this topic.

Stage Build

Continue staging a like-source component.

  1. On the Stage Build panel:

    1. Type the language and compile procedure name, or leave blank for selection lists.

    2. Type additional compile and link edit (binder) parameters.

    3. Select ‘DB2 preprocessing’, and select ‘Other DB2 options’ if desired.

    4. Select ‘Other options’ if desired for user panels.

    5. Select ‘Suppress messages’ to prevent the ‘Activated’ messages from the stage job.

    6. Type the JCL job statements to be used for the build job.

    7. Press [Enter].

  2. If you selected Other DB2 options or ‘User Options’, type values desired on those panels and press [Enter].

    For more details, see the “Staging a Component” chapter in the ChangeMan ZMF User Guide.