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Rules for Recompiling Source

These rules and restrictions apply to the recompile source function.

  • You can recompile a like-source component that resides in a baseline library or a promotion library to create a new like-load in your package.

  • When you recompile from a promotion library, you are assuming that the component in the promotion library will be installed by the time your package is ready to be installed.

  • You can recompile a component that was recompiled previously in your package.

  • You cannot recompile a component that was checked out to your package or staged from development. If a like-source component is in your package staging libraries, delete the component from the package before you recompile the component.

  • Recompile can be executed in the online or in a batch job. Batch recompile releases your terminal while JCL for one or more recompile jobs is being created.

  • If you recompile in batch mode, you can perform mass recompile to initiate multiple recompile jobs from one online operation.

  • When you recompile a component that is already in other active packages, a SEND message is broadcast to the userid associated with the component in those packages. Multiple messages may be sent to the same user.

  • To recompile a component, ChangeMan ZMF needs the component language, the name of the compile procedure skeleton, the compile and binder options, and the User Options. "Build Processing Controls" describes how this information is obtained.

Exit Programs for Recompile Source

Your ChangeMan ZMF installer or administrators may implement exit programs to alter the behavior ChangeMan ZMF. Ask your administrator if any of the following business rules apply to your application.

  • Dynamically allocate additional staging libraries based on component type, user options, and other data passed to the exit. Define relationships between library types so that when a component is deleted, components with the same name in related library types are also deleted. Prevent deletion of a component if it is promoted or if it generates components that are promoted. (Exit program CMNEX026)


Components with the same name in related library types are deleted only if the TSO user ID of the user who staged the components matches the TSO user ID of the user who is deleting the like-named component.

  • Restrict the library types displayed on the valid library selection list for checkout, stage, browse baseline, browse compressed listing, compare, scan, scratch/rename, and relink functions. This exit effectively disables these functions for the specified library types. (Exit program CMNEX035)