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About Freezing a Package

When you are finished making changes to the components in your package, you freeze the package to conduct final testing and prepare for package installation and baseline ripple.

Freeze Package locks package information and package components to prevent further changes. You freeze your change package at some point in your project life cycle before final testing so that you can have confidence in your final test results. Your package must be frozen before the package approval process can begin.

When you freeze a package, ChangeMan ZMF validates the condition of the package and its components, and if no error conditions are found, the package status is changed to FRZ. After a package is frozen, you may be able to selectively unfreeze package information and package components to make changes, then selectively refreeze the information or components.

Your administrator can configure your application to build package installation JCL when you freeze your package or when the final package approval is entered. Installation JCL is created in a file tailoring server that runs in an address space separate from your ChangeMan ZMF session.

When you freeze a package, the status of the package is immediately changed to FRZ, and if you did not create the package, a message is sent to the user specified in the Notify user field of the package:

`CMN400I - Package ACTP000030 frozen by USER015 on 2015/01/14 at 22:34`

Approval notifications are also sent when you freeze a package:

`CMN4600I - Change Man package ACTP000010 awaits your approval.`

If installation JCL is built at freeze in your application, file tailoring for installation JCL must complete successfully before approvals can be entered.