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Skeleton Naming Conventions

When ChangeMan ZMF was first released, there was a rigid naming convention for skeletons that conveyed their purpose and their position in the skeleton imbed hierarchy. As the product matured and the number of skeletons multiplied, the naming conventions lost their rigor.

However, where you see certain structures in a skeleton name, you can still infer information about the skeleton.

The table below explains the conventions in this sample skeleton name: aaaiifff, where:

aaa The first three characters of the delivered ChangeMan ZMF skeletons are CMN, which is an abbreviation for the product name.
ii The following values usually carry the listed meaning:
- $$ Subordinate skeleton in an imbed hierarchy.
- IM IMS Option skeleton.
- IN Install skeleton, often for the IMS Option.
- JS Skeleton to insert a new JOB statement after 255 steps in generated JCL.
- PR Promotion skeleton, often for the IMS Option.
- RP Skeleton for promotion to a remote site.
- Zn Online Forms Manager skeleton.
- nn Installation job skeleton.
fff Three-character acronym or abbreviation for the skeleton function.


We recommend that you use an abbreviation for your company name as the first three characters of a skeleton name when you create a custom skeleton that is not a derivative of a skeleton that is delivered with ChangeMan ZMF.