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User Exits that Affect a Package Audit

The following user exits affect the results of a package audit:

  • CMNEX020 - Resets return codes for package audit SYNCHnn! conditions.

  • CMNEX021 - Uses library type, application, package creator, and other fields passed from package audit to bypass SYNCHnn! processing, component relationship processing, and promotion libraries in SYNCH15! processing.

  • CMNEX022 - Excludes specified load and non-load components from processing by package audit and by the impact analysis LDS build; includes CSECT with the same name as the composite load module in the Impact Analysis Table to show LOD relationships and in package audit processing to detect SYNCH8!.

  • CMNEX028 - Adds JOB statements 5 and 6 to package audit batch JCL.

  • CMNEX031 - Excludes library types from audit processing.

  • CMNEX040 - Specifies the name of a data set that contains audit auto resolve runtime parameters.

  • CMNEX044 - Specifies like-copy library types to be excluded from package audit SYNCH15! processing.

See the ChangeMan ZMF Customization Guide for more information about these exits. See comments in the exit program source code in the CMNZMF.ASMSRC library for instructions on enabling each exit and examples of use.