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About Utility Requests

The utility request facility is designed to rename or delete components in production and baseline libraries. These requests can be the only items in a change package, or they can be part of a change package with staged components. ChangeMan ZMF processes these requests in the package installation process, after installing and rippling staged components.

When you create a utility request to scratch a like-source component, all components with a source-to-load relationship to that component are also deleted. For example if you create a utility request to scratch like-source component A, then like-load or like NCAL component A is also be scratched, as well as the compressed listing from the build process for A.

When you create a utility request to rename a component, only that component is renamed. A request to rename a like-source component has no effect on a like-load that was created in build processing from the like-source component.

Use the Utility: Rename/Scratch Options menu to access these capabilities.