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About Git File Extensions and Git GUIs

Understanding file extensions in the local repo

The file extensions applied to the components in the local repo directories are assigned so that intelligent editors will know what they are editing, e.g. the file extension .cbl is given to source components as we expect them to be COBOL.

The language assigned by ZMF to all components can be seen using the cmponent.history.listlang service, the results of this service can be altered using both CMNEX038 and HLLX.

Use of git GUIs

Note that all references so far refer to command line use of git.

There are a number of git apps which provide a gui front end, these will work equally as well as long as they use standard git commands under the covers.

Many git apps are geared to work with their own remote repos and require other collections of change (for example, a ZMF package) to work as a local repo feeding into the established remote repo (for example, github etc.). This configuration is not supported.

We support allowing a local git repo to treat ZMF as a remote repo so that ZMF contains the ‘gold’ code and there may be any number of local repos, where independent development is going on, with changed code being pushed back up to ZMF eventually.