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Batch Stage Job Card

When you set field Stage Mode to 2-Batch on the Stage: From Development panel, or when you use line command SB on the Stage: package Components panel to stage a component that is not like-source, the series of stage panels concludes with the Batch Stage Job Statements (CMNSTG19) panel.

CMNSTG19                            Batch Stage Job Statements
Command ===>______________________________________________________________

Package: GENL000009

Job statement information:
//USER016      JOB (0000),'CHANGE MAN',
//                CLASS=A,NOTIFY=USER016,MSGCLASS=X

Enter "/" to select option
__  Suppress batch messages

This table describes the fields on the Batch Stage Job Card panel.

Field Description
Package The package ID associated with the stage.
Job statement information Enter the appropriate Job card information to submit a background job to stage component(s) into this package. For details, see Batch Job Statement Information
Suppress batch messages Select this option to suppress the component activation messages which are normally issued by the batch job as it stages components into the requested package.

When you have typed the information on the panel, press Enter to process the batch stage.