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Installation Jobs

The table in this section shows the installation jobs for a package created on a D or DP instance.

  • Each job is described by two columns:

    • Job - The two character transaction code

    • Action - What the job does

  • There are two sets of columns in the table:

    • Development Center - Jobs that run on the A, D, or DP instance.

    • Production Site - Jobs that run on a P instance.

Development Center Production Site
**Job **Action **Job **Action
10 -Package is audited and/or frozen.
- Jobs are created in ...X.&node.
- Package is approved.
- Job 10 is submitted to initiate the distribution.
- CMNBATCH transaction 10 says distribution initiated and status is changed to DIS.
- Vehicle is asked to submit job 11 at remote site
10 - Staging libraries are received including QSAM package master.
- Job 11 is submitted.
11 Staging libraries are sent to remote site. 11 - CMNBATCH transaction 11 overlays package records (on PM) with QSAM package master; proper node record is time stamped; status is DIS.
- Job 14 is submitted. (Only if IEBCOPY is not used.)
15 Job 15 is submitted. (Only if IEBCOPY is used.) 14 Job 14 requests vehicle to submit 15 at DEV site.
15 CMNBATCH transaction 15 stamps acknowledgment of distribution. 17 Job 17 is submitted if external (not internal) scheduler is used.
19 Notification to the user specified in the Notify user field that distribution failed. 18 Job 18 requests vehicle to submit 19 at DEV site.
25 CMNBATCH transaction 25 changes package status to INS. 21 Perform DB2 bind for production installation. (INSTALL IN PROD = YES).
29 Notification to the user specified in the Notify user field that installation failed. 20 Job 20 is submitted to check if package was previously installed, if not, then it begins installation.
25 If Permanent, Job 30 is submitted. 20 CMNBATCH transaction 20 changes package status to INS.
30 CMNBATCH transaction 30 changes package status to BAS and ripples the baseline. 20 Job 24 is submitted. (Only if IEBCOPY is not used.)
30 Delete members from promotion libraries based on promotion level and library type. 20t If Temporary, Job 20t runs to install members into Temporary libraries.
35t Package status updated to TCC and date/time stamped when all remote sites have been cycled. 24 Requests vehicle to submit 25 at DEV site.
39t Notification to the user specified in the Notify user field that the package cycle failed. CASE: A permanent change must be backed out. Operator makes human decision to back out (full) particular package. Enters backout reasons on panel and ChangeMan ZMF instance copies package to same flat file that was sent from development center. Job 50 is submitted.
54 - Reads flat package and transmits reasons.
- Updates backout reasons into correct package.
30 Job 30 is submitted if system environment is ALL.
55 Job 55 is submitted to reverse ripple the baseline if all remote sites are backed out. 31 If Temporary, Job 31 runs to delete members from temporary libraries.
55 Status is changed to BAK; * node record is date and time stamped. 31t CMNBATCH transaction 31 changes package status to TCC (Temporary Change Cycled) and date/time stamp. Submit job 35.
59 Notification to the user specified in the Notify user field that package backout failed. 32 Performs DB2 bind for production installation (INSTALL IN PROD = NO).
65 Status is changed to DEV. 34t Requests vehicle to submit 35t at DEV site.
38t Requests vehicle to submit 39t at DEV site.
49 Job 21 runs the DB2 bind for production backout (INSTALL IN PROD = YES).
50 - Backs out the change by copying back from BKUP Libraries.
- Changes package status to BAK.
- Job 54 is submitted if IEBCOPY is used, else job 51.
50 If system environment is ALL, job 55 is submitted.
51 Job 51 transmits a QSAM package master to the development center and requests a vehicle to submit job 54.
56 Job 32 runs the DB2 bind for production backout (INSTALL IN PROD = NO).
58 Job 58 requests vehicle to submit 59 at DEV site.
64 Job 64 requests vehicle to submit 65 at DEV site.