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REST Services

REST Services is a centralized service for processing Events. It manages:

  • Subscribers through a Web Application

  • Receiving Event requests from Event Clients

  • Sending Events to one of more subscribers

  • Interpreting response from each subscriber

  • Sending response to each Event Client

REST Services will return data in JSON format. The response data is held in a tag named EVENT_RESULT. EVENT_RESULT holds an array of JSON elements for each subscriber:

  • TARGET_EVENT The subscriber Event

  • TARGET_ID The Target ID

  • TARGET_URL The Target URL

  • TARGET_HTTP_CODE The HTTP Status code from the Target

  • TARGET_HTTP_MESSAGE The HTTP Status message from the Target

  • TARGET_JENKINS_JOB_NUMBER The Jenkins Job Number

  • TARGET_RESULT_URL URL to display Jenkins JOB Console output

  • TARGET_JOB_STATUS Jenkins Job Status


  • TARGET_SONAR_QUBE_URL The URL to display Sonar Qube result

REST Services will be responsible for managing Event Subscribers. ...