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The ZMF Quick Reference

This guide provides a summary of the commands you use to perform the major functions in the ChangeMan ZMF package life cycle.

  • Actions can be initiated by either choosing from menu and option panels, or by typing line commands on the Package List (see page 12).

  • To process panel information, press [Enter].

  • To cancel without processing panel information, type “CANCEL” on the Command line or in the Option field, and press [Enter].

  • To access online Help, press the [PF1] key.

  • To jump between panels, use the equal “=” sign. Example: To jump to the Create A New Package panel, type “=1.1” in Command or Option, and press [Enter].

  • To see long panel fields (marked by "+"), scroll right and left with [PF11] and [PF10]. Press [PF4] for a pop-up window.

  • Sort is now available on many lists. Press [PF1] for more information where there is a list.