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User Exits In ChangeMan ZMF

ChangeMan ZMF exits are programs that are called by base product programs. Exits permit you to alter the processing of base product programs depending on the information passed to the exit. Using exits, you can:

  • Change defaults and settings for interaction with the operating system.

  • Alter what ChangeMan ZMF will do under specific component, package, or life cycle conditions.

  • Change who has authority to initiate specific ChangeMan ZMF tasks.

  • Change when authorized users can initiate certain tasks.

Common reasons for using exits include:

  • Adapt ChangeMan ZMF to your data center standards and environment.

  • Enforce your company’s standards, processes, and procedures for software change management.

  • Implement custom processes to manage unique component build processes.

  • Add rule-based flexibility to standard ChangeMan ZMF processing.

The use of exits to provide custom ChangeMan ZMF functions is described in the ChangeMan ZMF Customization Guide.