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Package List

  1. From the Primary Option Menu, choose 5 (List) and press [Enter].

  2. Type selection criteria on the Package List Parameters panel, and press [Enter].

  3. On the Change Package List panel:

    1. Type “CREATE” on the Command line and press [Enter] to create a package.

    2. Type a two-character option on the line command for a package and press [Enter] to take action on the package.

**Option **Description
AP Audit change package
A1 Approve/Reject change package
A2 Display approver’s reject reasons
A4 Reset Approval-In-Progress indicator
A5 Re-submit installation JCL build request for package in APR status
BB Browse/Print baseline/promotion libraries
BL Browse compressed listing
B1 Back out change package
CC Compare components in staging library against baseline/promotion library
C1 Check out components from baseline/promotion
C2 Check out components using package component list
C3 Check out components from release (ERO only)
DM Demote change package
D1 Memo delete change package
D2 Undelete a memo deleted change package
F1 Freeze change package online
F2 Freeze change package in batch
F3 Selectively unfreeze or refreeze change package components
F4 Reset Freeze-In-Progress indicator
F5 Re-submit installation JCL build request for package in FRZ status
OF Work with Online Forms
PR Promote change package
QP Query change package information
RC Recompile source code from baseline/promotion libraries
RL Re-link (using the binder) load module
RP Generate application/package reports
RV Revert change package back to development status
SC Scan baseline for character strings
S1 Stage components into change package from an external dataset
S2 Edit and stage components in change package
S3 Specify parameters to select a subset of change package components
UA Manage Rename or Scratch request in change package
UB Create Rename or Scratch request for baseline component
UD Update change package DB2 information (DB2 Option only)
UI Update change package IMS information (IMS Option only)
UR Update change package release information (ERO only)
U1 Update change package control information
U2 Update change package description
U3 Update change package installation instructions
U4 Update package install scheduling dependencies for external scheduler
U5 Update participating package affected applications
U6 Update complex/super package information
U7 Update change package install site and date information
U8 Change complex/super package to CLO status
U9 Change complex/super package to OPN status
UE Update change package user information
ZP Compress change package staging libraries