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Global Administrator

If you are the global administrator, it is your responsibility to set the high-level rules (called parameters) of your site's implementation process. They can be as restrictive or permissive as you choose. For example, you have the option to completely prohibit or allow your site's developers to check out components to their personal libraries.


Rules are set for ChangeMan ZMF users on two levels. The global administrator sets them first, and the application administrator can further restrict them on an application-by-application basis.

It is also your responsibility to specify to ChangeMan ZMF the systems with which it interacts and the details regarding the staging library allocation. For example, as the global administrator you may choose CA PanvaletĀ® as your baseline library storage means. You specify many other details, including procedures used for compiling (depending on languages for source), maximum allowance for schedule package installation on a daily basis, notification vehicles for people who need information on packages awaiting approval, and others.